Submit a Check Request for pre-approved Technology purchases?

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Summary.pngInstructions on how to access the RCS "Check Request Form", how to complete the form, attach receipts, and submit for payment.
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Once you have been approved to purchase technology assets, we request that your Check Request From be submitted as a single file (receipts included). Here's a video demoing how to combine your Check Request Form PDF and your receipt into a single file. Here are step-by-step directions:

  1. First confirm you have been authorized to purchase an item to ensure you will be eligible for reimbursement. If you do not obtain pre-approval, you cannot expect to be reimbursed. If you set up your payments to repeat monthly or annually, pay special attention to the renewal times, you cannot expect to be reimbursed if a service auto-renews prior to receiving authorization. See our Submit a technology purchase or upgrade request? article for more details.
  2. Download the Check Request Form PDF from Google Drive.
  3. Fill out the Check Request Form.
    • Using Preview on a Mac
      • From the top menu bar, select TOOLS, ANNOTATE, TEXT. This will add a text box to the page. You can move the text box where you want, so it lines up with the fields in the form.
      • Pro Tip! Once you get the font the size you want to fill the first line, simply copy and paste that line in order to fill out the rest of the form.
    • Using Adobe Arobat Reader Pro
      • Select the TOOLS tab, and FILL and SIGN.
      • Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free) for either Windows or Mac.
  4. If there's a receipt involved, please include that receipt as a 2nd page in the Check Request Form file. There are two things involved in this step.
    1. Get the receipt on your laptop.
    2. Combine the receipt file with the Check request Form.
      • Including Receipt (using Preview on a Mac) -