Setting / Changing Your RCS Passphrase

To reset your passphrase, you can visit myRiverdale. If you are able to log in (with your own passphrase or a temporary passphrase) see the Setting a new passphrase before it expires section below. If you do not have a working passphrase, jump down to Resetting a forgotten/expired passphrase section.

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Note: Setting your passphrase here will change it for both the domain passphrase and Google. You will need to update your account settings on any mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, etc) that you use to access Riverdale e-mail and calendar. You'll also need to change settings for printing on campus; instructions are here.

Getting ready before your passphrase expires

If you set your passphrase reset question phone number, you can easily recover a forgotten or expired passphrase:

  1. Log into with your RCS credentials
  2. Click your name at top right and select "Settings"
  3. Click Edit Profile at top right
  4. Add your phone number in the "Forgot Passphrase Text Message" box at bottom right
  5. Edit your "Forgotten passphrase question" if necessary

Setting a new passphrase before it expires

  1. Log into with your RCS credentials
  2. Click your name, then Settings at top right
  3. Click Edit Profile
  4. Fill in the fields in "Change Windows Passphrase"
  5. Click "Change Passphrase"

Resetting a forgotten / expired passphrase

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Forgot Passphrase"
  3. Choose to send a text message or e-mail
    • If you choose text message, then confirm your identity using the code sent to your phone
    • If you choose e-mail, then follow the instructions in the e-mail you receive from
  4. Answer your passphrase reset question
  5. Set your new passphrase