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Summary.pngThe School Messenger System allows school administrators to communicate announcements to members of the RCS community through an automated voice messaging system.
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SchoolMessenger Broadcast

Log into

  • Click on SchoolMessenger tab
  • Log in using your network username and password

On the Dashboard you can see the support number. please record that number: 800-920-3870. Also, its important you know your Phone ID: go to Accounts upper right corner and scroll down.

The main screen, Dashboard, you will see:

  • Broadcasts
  • Reports
  • System

Click on Broadcasts: Under Broadcasts we have Lists, Messages, Broadcasts, Templates, Posts, Surveys, Responses. For todays lesson and what you will mainly be using SchoolMessenger for we will focus on LISTS, MESSAGES, and BROADCASTS. Think of these as the Who, the What and the When.

Create Lists: The Who

A list contains all of the people you want to receive your message. We can create many different types of lists, by grade, departments, and campus. The Tech Department creates and manages all the lists, All Faculty/Staff, All Parents/Students, All School(both faculty/staff and parents/students).

  • Two ways to verify that the list are updated.
    • click on Admin — imports — and look at the File Dates.
    • click on System — Contacts — Search for People — look up a new students or hire. If they are there the list is updated.

Create Messages: The What

There are 3 different type of messages we will focus on, voice messages, text messages, and emails.

Add Phone

  • Click the Phone button.
  • Select the Call Me to Record tab in the Voice Type area.
  • Enter a phone number where the system can call you.
  • Click Call Now to Record and get ready to answer your phone.

Add Email

  • Click the Email button.
    • From Name: Riverdale Country School
    • From Email:
    • Subject: (the subject of the broadcast)

• Enter your name in the From Name field.

• Enter your email address in the From Email field. This is the email address people may reply to regarding your message.

• Subject will be populated with the name of your Broadcast for your convenience. You may change the subject if you like.

• You may include up to three attachments with your email message.

• Enter your email content in the Body field.

• Click Save Email Message when you’re done.

Add SMS: 160 characters only

  • Click the SMS button.
  • Enter your message in the SMS Text field.
  • Click Save SMS Message when you’re done.

“Please OPTIN to receive TEXT alerts from Riverdale Country School. Reply OPTIN to register. Reply STOP to OPTOUT. Msg&Data Rates May Apply”

Create Broadcasts: The When

Once we have created our list, and our message and/or message types we are ready to create the Broadcasts. The Broadcasts is as simple as just putting all the parts together. Now that we have completed all these steps in advance, creating any future broadcasts would be a lot more simple.

Click on Broadcasts tab — Broadcasts— +Add New Broadcast

  • Broadcasts Information: name, description, type, start date, start time, end time
  • List(s): Choose the list that this broadcast is for
  • Message: Choose the message you plan to send

Click on Proceed to Confirmation and then Submit.

You can also create a new broadcast by clicking on the ((*)) New Broadcast button, and just follow the 3 easy steps.

The Report: A report is emailed to you as well as on the dashboard. You can view the stats of the broadcast.

Extra Resources

Following are some quick reference documents to help you get started:

Following are some training videos: