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* Use Time Machine. [https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201250 Instructions are here.]
* Use Time Machine. [https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201250 Instructions are here.]
====On ChromeBooks====
* We use Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

====On Windows====
====On Windows====

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Riverdale requires that you configure tracking software and keep it operational at all times on any RCS-issued laptop, tablet, and phone. This will help prevent data loss, and will help if your laptop, tablet, or phone is ever damaged, missing, lost, or stolen.

Even if Riverdale didn't give you your device, we strongly recommend you follow these instructions.

Preparing for catastrophe

These are listed in order of importance -- if you do nothing else, do #1, etc. But really you should do them all.

1) Enable device tracking

As long as you configure one of the below, you or the Tech team can attempt to track your device's general location if it's lost or stolen.

On macOS

On Android

On ChromeBooks

  • We utilize GoGuardian on all RCS managed ChromeBooks.

On everything else

2) Set up system security

  1. Set a good device password.
  2. Set up a password requirement -- you want your device to lock after a certain time.

If you're not sure how to do the second step, Google "XXXXX screen lock" and replace XXXXX with your device (iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, etc)

3) Turn on backups

Even if you store your data in the cloud, backups help you recover from a catastrophe quickly. Everyone should enable them.

RCS employees are given a backup drive with their laptop. Yes, it might be in that small box you put in the back of your drawer. :)

On macOS

On ChromeBooks

  • We use Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

On Windows

On iOS

On Android

No perfect options here for backup/restore, sorry.

  • You should set up Android Backup Service to save your data... but it's not perfect. It'll get you started, though.
  • If you want to experiment with backup apps, here's a list. But none of them are flawless.
  • AppBrain App Market is a good app syncing utility if you just want to restore apps you've installed.

4) Store important documents in "the cloud"

We offer unlimited Google Drive storage. By setting it up and using it for all your Riverdale documents, you instantly have another backup of your important data.

5) Physically secure it

Lock up your devices when not in use. Riverdale is a remarkably safe campus but theft can occur anywhere. Employees must physically secure their school devices when they're not in use. (This includes locking laptop carts.)

Dealing with a missing, lost, or stolen device

If you can't locate your device, immediately report it to us. It's much better to have us scramble to find it quickly -- and then remember it's at home -- than to give a thief time to exploit it.

1) Report

  1. Directly notify someone from the Tech Department -- by phone (x50) or in person. Please don't leave a message; actually talk with someone so you know we're working on it.
  2. Submit a Tech Request to report your device missing. Choose ticket type "Tech support (exact) > Loss or physical damage."
    • You may also want to request a loaner in your report.

2) Locate

Apple Devices

Windows or Android Device

Dealing with data loss