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Summary.pngHow to connect your device to RCS projectors and displays.
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All connections to projectors and speakers are done through a wall plate. Here's a diagram of a wallplate at the River campus. River Campus Wall Plate.png

If you're connecting your laptop or ChromeBook through the HDMI Cable, make sure the audio plug is not connected. This will ensure that the desired audio from your device is the audio sent to the speakers.

Wall plate-p2.jpg Wall plate-p3.jpg

Hill Campus Typical Wall Plate.png

Connecting your phone to play audio files

Only use the audio plug when you want to play music from your phone. In this case, it doesn't matter if the HDMI cable is also plugged in and you adjust volume from your phone. If you're unable to get the volume level you like from the phone controls, submit a tech request, and we'll adjust the volume on the speaker.

Connecting to the Projectors in the Multi Purpose Room (MPR)

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