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What's the use of buying those movie tix on Fandango if you can't save even more time by printing them here?

Printing at school from a laptop computer you manage/control

If you need to print a document from a personal or school owned laptop please use printers installed through Self Service

  • Self Service: Simple to setup, simple to use. The Best Option if you have an RCS-owned Mac laptop or are in the Upper School BYOD program.

Printing to RCS_Copiers or H_Printers

  • After installing the printer from Self Service on a Mac or following the instructions below for PC print your document and select RCS_Copiers or H_Printers.
  • If you printed to RCS_Copiers, go to any copier on either campus, log in (by tapping your ID card, using the keyboard, or scanning the QR code) and release your job. It will be available at any copier you walk up to.
  • If you printed to H_Printers go to 9/10 2nd floor, science lobby, 5001, or Mow 2nd floor and tap your card on the RF reader on the printer.
  • Forgot your ID? No problem! Scan the QR code on the copier or printer with your phone (that needs to be connected to RCS-Community), log into the mobile release page and release your job!

Printing from iPads, iPhones, etc.

iOS printing uses a function of Mobility Print provided by PaperCut

  • Open the Share Sheet on your device and select print.
    IOS Share Sheet.PNG

  • Select RCS_Copiers, or what ever print queue you want.
    IOS Printer Select.PNG

  • The first time you use a print queue you will need to supply your Riverdale username and passphrase.
    • You MUST write your username with "riverdale\" in front, for example: "riverdale\jking"
      IOS Creds.PNG

      Format really matters!

  • Go release your job at the copier/printer of your choice!

Printing from an RCS-Managed Chromebook

Mobility Print

To improve the printing experience for Chromebooks, we have enabled Mobility Print. We previously used Google Cloud Print which has proven to be unreliable. With Mobility Print there is a new workflow that students and employees must follow.

When you print for the first time you will need to "Change" the printer to a Mobility Print enabled printer.


You will see a whole list of printers, different than you are used to. Please scroll down to select the printer needed. The next time you print the printer should already be selected like the above image.


Note: The following should only happen once but may continue to happen every time they print.

After selecting the printer and clicking print, a new window will pop up. Here the you will need to log in with your username and passphrase, then click "Sign in and print".


Your print job should be sent immediately instead of waiting next to the printer and having nothing come out.

Printer and Copier Locations and Details

Note: This list includes those printers that are more generally available for printing from classrooms, laptops etc., and excludes printers that are used and maintained by specific offices or departments, and which are generally to be used only by those offices or departments.

Campus Building Location Printer Name

(if needed)

Description and Functions
River Early Learning 1st Floor Copy Room Multi Function Copier
River Early Learning 3rd Floor Hallway Multi Function Copier
River Senior 2nd Floor Lobby Multi Function Copier
River Senior 3nd Floor Lobby R_Sr_LRT BW Laser
River Senior Band Room R_Sr_Band BW Laser
River Senior Art Office R_Sr_Art Color Inkjet
River Upper Learning UL Main Reception Multi Function Copier
River Upper Learning UL Copy Room Multi Function Copier
River Upper Learning UL Copy Room R_UL_2nd_Fl_CopyRm Color Laser
River Junior 3rd Floor 711 R_Jr_711 BW Laser
River Junior Learning Lab Multi Function Copier
Hill Hackett Basement Multi Function Copier
Hill Hackett 1st Floor Library Multi Function Copier
Hill Hackett 2nd Floor Library Multi Function Copier
Hill Hackett 3rd Floor Hallway Multi Function Copier
Hill 9/10 Basement Multi Function Copier
Hill 9/10 1st Floor Hallway Multi Function Copier
Hill 9/10 2nd Floor Hallway BW Laser
Hill Science 1st Floor Hallway BW Laser
Hill Science Annex 5001 BW Laser
Hill Science Annex 1st Floor Copy Room Multi Function Copier
Hill Mow Reception Multi Function Copier
Hill Mow 1st Floor Hallway Multo Function Copier
Hill Mow 2nd Floor Hallway BW Laser
Hill Lindy Lindy Lab Multi Function Copier

Basic Printer Troubleshooting

Click here for information about basic printer troubleshooting steps you can try if you are having difficulty with a printer. Paper jam, blinking lights, and/or nothing prints are some examples of basic printer issues.

If a document won't stop printing

If a job won't stop, try pressing the red "Cancel" button on the printer repeatedly, wait until paper stops printing, and then turn the printer off. (If you turn it off mid-print, paper will get jammed, and the printer won't clear itself.)

Hp Cancel Button.jpg

Once the job has stopped printing, remove the jammed paper and turn the power to the printer off and then on again.

Changing Toner/Ink Cartridges

If the copier or printer is low on toner, please call x50.