Mitel 6930 Quick Guide

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Mitel System 6930 Phone

  • This is the new 6930 mitel phone that has been rollout out with the phone system. Below will be a few quick features.
  • Miltel 6930 Phone: Designed from the ground up to provide an exceptional HD audio experience via its speech optimi.


The Home screen

  • The Home screen is displayed when the phone is in the idle state. The Home screen displays status indicators, user directory number, avatar, last dialed number, time, date and list of programmable softkeys.

Basic call handling

  • Making a call
    • Lift the handset or press the Speaker/Handset key, and dial the number.
    • Tap the Line programmable key and dial the number.

Ending a call

  • Place the handset back in its cradle, tap the End Call softkey, or press the Goodbye button (red phone icon).

Answering a call

  • Lift the handset or press the Speaker/Handset key for handsfree operation.


  • Tap the Redial softkey once or press the key twice to call the last dialed number as displayed on the Home screen
  • Press the key once to access the Call History application with a list of recently dialed numbers. Swipe up and down to scroll through the entries, select the entry, and tap the Dial softkey to redial the selected number.


  • Press the key while on an active call to mute the microphone for your handset, headset or speaker. Press the key again to unmute the audio.

Holding and resuming

  • To place an active call on hold, press the key. A (hold) icon flashes on the applicable Line key.
  • To resume the call, press the key again or tap the respective Line key.
    • Note:For details on all the available features and options,

How to adjust the ring tone

  • Press the SETTINGS Key (Gear shape icon)
  • Navigate to AUDIO --> RING TONES and then press SELECT
  • Press the Right navigation key to select a ring tone for Internal calls and/or External calls

How to check voicemails

  • There is a message button on phone
  • Voicemails are sent to emails as attachments or as a web link.
  • MiCollab mobile device app
  • Micollab sign into web browser

Transferring a call

  • Ensure you are on active call with the party you wish to transfer.
  • Press the Transfer softkey.
  • The active call is placed on hold.
  • Enter the transfer recipient’s number.
  • Press the Transfer softkey or hang up the handset to complete an unattended call transfer or Wait for an answer, consult, and then press the Transfer softkey or hang up the handset to complete an attended transfer.

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