Improve my home office situation

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We are working out of our homes a lot right now, here are some suggestions for improving that experience.

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These relatively low-cost items might help your home workspace be more comfortable this year. Some of these we've bought and tried, others we've just combed through reviews to find for you.


We think a 24" monitor is the ideal size for home use, big enough to see so much more than your laptop screen, but not overwhelming.

Wired headset

Sometimes it's just easiest to plug in a headset and get talking. No batteries to charge, great sound quality, etc.

Wireless headset

But people like to move a lot when they're talking so....

Wireless earbuds

You don't have to spend $150 on AirPods to get good wireless earbuds! But you can if you want!


If you are putting your computer on a stand, perhaps to raise the monitor height up off your lap or desk, you might want an external keyboard and mouse. They are plentiful and cheap.

  • Wireless keyboard/mouse:

Adjustable Laptop Stands