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Learn how to use our WiFi networks.

What WiFi networks are available, who can use them and what can I do?

Wireless Networks and Supported Services
Access to:
User Group Network Name (SSID) Authentication Speed/ Bandwidth Internet RCS
All RCS Guests RCS-Guest WPA2 Password Low Check mark small.png Red x small.png Red x small.png
Employees and Students RCS-Community WPA2 Enterprise with
Domain Credentials
Medium Check mark small.png Check mark small.png Check mark small.png

Which network should I use?

RCS-Community will provide the best experience and bandwidth. They require you to use your RCS domain username and password to connect to a WPA2 Enterprise network.

The RCS-Guest network makes basic wireless access available to guests and members of our community whose devices do not support logins requiring a domain username and password (this is quite rare these days) . The rate limit on these connections will allow checking email and basic web surfing, but other functions may feel very slow.

What does Internet access mean? Can I do ANYTHING I want?

In order to protect you, your computer, other computers, and our network from a variety of security issues, we do put some minor limitations on your access to the Internet. These limitations will not interfere with typical Internet usage, but if you do find that there is an RCS-related service you are unable to use successfully due to wireless network restrictions, please submit a tech support request.

In addition, the total speed that all users at RCS at one time combined is fixed. Sites like YouTube can be very useful for learning, but use up much of the bandwidth, or internet speed, available. Everyone in our community is urged to use their judgment and "think before you stream". If too many users access video at the same time on a wireless network, the internet will get slow for all.

Will I have to go through a proxy or web filter?

Proxy: We use silent proxy technology, so you don't need to configure your computer in any way to access the Internet. This also means that you MUST go through our web filter.

Web filter: All computers, whether a managed, wired computer, your own wireless laptop or other wireless device, have their Internet traffic passed through a web filter. We try to be as unobtrusive, and permissive, as possible, but it is likely that you will encounter a Warn or Block page at some point. If you believe that a web site is being improperly categorized:

  • Warn Page: Please use the Warn page links to submit a site review request and fill out the form completely.
  • Block Page: Please submit a tech support request.

We review these requests quickly and will override the filter if warranted.

Where can I access these networks on the Hill and River campuses?

During the late summer of 2015 we completed full upgrade of the WiFi system on the Hill and River campuses in all school buildings. You may find a useful signal in nearby exterior locations, but there is only one access point outdoors near the Mow flag pole. If you find weak signal in an RCS building, please submit a tech support request to help us improve the availability of the wireless network.

Guest and visitor information for wireless access

I'm a guest/visitor to RCS, how can I access the wireless network?

Welcome to RCS! Please contact whomever has arranged your visit learn the password to connect to the RCS-Guest network.

I have a guest/visitor coming to RCS, how can I arrange wireless access?

Please share the RCS-Guest password with your guests. We will change it annually.

How do I connect to one of the RCS wireless networks?

It is generally easy to connect to our networks from any device that has wireless access. The Table below shows which devices we support and which networks they can use.

Supported Devices Table
Supported devices:
User Group Network Name (SSID) Authentication iOS Mac OS X Windows Android
All RCS Users RCS-Guest WPA2 Password Check mark small.png Check mark small.png Check mark small.png Check mark small.png
Students RCS-Community Domain Credentials Check mark small.png Check mark small.png Check mark small.png Check mark small.png

Instructions follow for connecting to available networks from the most common mobile devices and operating systems.

Something isn't working...

Please see our troubleshooting section if you are having issues accessing the Internet through an RCS wireless network.

I'm interested in the technical details.

Awesome! Our wireless network is running on two Aruba controllers, one at each campus. If you connect to one of the WPA2-Enterprise networks, your credentials are passed to our Active Directory servers via an NPS server running the RADIUS protocols. After connecting to the appropriate wireless network, all of your network traffic passes through two different firewalls: the Aruba controllers and a Palo Alto next generation firewall and web filter. This makes your computer very, very safe at Riverdale! All of your computer's network traffic passes through our Palo Alto firewall to monitor and filter your Internet access.