Google is a phenomenal resource. You can ask it questions you might ask one of our technicians -- meaning you literally type "how do I..." into Google!

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We've added some common answers below. All of these were found (you guessed it) with a Google search!

Calendar issues

Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet

Google Calendar for Android

Google Calendar for iOS

Google Calendar Sync Settings (To sync your shared calendars, and select which calendars to sync)

Email issues

How do I create rules to filter my emails?

How do I know if an email is Spam, or a Phishing Scam?

General computer use

Useful Mac keyboard shortcuts

Useful Mac Trackpad gestures

Useful Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Useful Chromebook Trackpad gestures

Photo and video management

Import photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad

Security issues

Google Accounts Management Page - Control, protect, and secure your account, all in one place. If you're hacked, contact us ASAP, but this is a good place to start.

Safeguard your credentials with 2-step authentication

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