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My families do not have enough timeslots to check in with me?

How can my families access the Remote Learning document from their students device?

Lower School Tech Update

Date: March 31,2020

Tech Support for Families

Thank you for fielding some tech support questions for us! If your families continue to have questions regarding technology, please have them submit a tech-ticket here is a sample message you can send:

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with this. We recommend that you review the detailed help articles the tech department has put together for more information. If these do not not help and you require further assistance, please submit a tech support request and the tech department will contact you directly.

New tech initiatives must be vetted before going into use

We know many of you are looking at new ways to interact with our students and families and we are excited to help you do that. It is really imperative that you run any new ideas past us before putting them into use; we have to think about things like privacy policies, data security, and how students access and logon to the service.

Zoom Updates

Zoom Passwords

For the security of our teachers and students (see article on ”Zoombombing”) we have enabled the password feature on our Zoom domain. All Zoom calls you schedule moving forward will have a zoom password. Any calls (recurring or single meetings) scheduled before Friday, March 27th might NOT have a password. Unsure where to check for the Zoom password? Check the description section of your Google calendar.  

Please check that:

  • All morning meetings moving forward MUST have a password
  • Check that you are linking the appropriate link to the Remote Learning Plan.

It looks like this with the password:

Sample Morning Meeting Link:

Morning Meeting w/Ms. Vanessa

Password: 740610

Morning Meetings:

Please login earlier to your morning meetings. 8:25am is a perfect time to start the zoom meeting, even if you just have your screen and mic muted. This will allow families to work out any technical glitches prior to starting your morning meeting.

Add all of your students to the morning meeting. Some may join later, and they will be awaiting entry, please let them in! Maybe as one teacher speaks, the other can be vigilant of the chat box.

We are putting together a best practices document for teachers using Zoom. Stay tuned for more information!

Calendly update

Due to the new Zoom password update, we will need to tweak our weekly check-in call workflow. With our current system, families are not seeing their zoom passwords for their bi-weekly check-in calls, which could be a problem!

More information about this will be coming out soon! Please hold steady on updating your Calendly events for next week.

Any new meetings scheduled after Sunday evening will not be in the check-in list in the RLP. Please follow these steps to add the password to the calendar:

Make sure you add the meeting password to ANY new Calendly invites that have come in after our Sunday evening Check-in export. Below you will find steps to complete this:

  • Opening the zoom application in your Computer
  • Click the Meetings section at the top of the window
  • Find the date and the time of your check-in
  • Click Show Meeting Invitation in the center of the screen
  • Find the password under the meeting ID

To Print or Not to Print

That is NOT the question. Teachers, please keep in mind that we have not asked our families to have a printer available. If you are asking your student to complete an assignment, please advise families to write the equation on loose leaf paper instead of printing a PDF.

Student Emailing

At this point in the Remote Learning process, we ask that all communication be sent to families and not to students. As we continue to do remote learning, our communication with students will evolve. Eventually we will be communicating with them directly through Seesaw, but please refrain from asking students to email you directly. If your students have been emailing you, please feel free to respond.

Lexia/DreamBox & Password Sharing

We are in the process of streamlining how to access Lexia and Dreambox. We will be communicating with families in the coming days on how to login to these programs. We have also prompted families that these are supplementary resources and are meant to be optional for 1st - 5th grade students. We will update this entry when new information is available. To ensure the privacy and security of our students, we ask that teachers refrain from sending the Lexia class logins document to families. If you provided the students with their credentials before we left school, please advise families where they might find them; we are working on a way to improve student logon experiences with Lexia/DreamBox and will communicate to you and parents when that’s ready!

Share settings are important!

Please ensure that all links we are sharing to families are shared appropriately. Links should be set to “Anyone with the link can view” or they won’t be able to see your content!

Don’t share PAGES and DOC files please

We should only be sharing files with parents that are in PDF format. We cannot assume that they have Microsoft Word/Excel or Pages or any other program available on their devices.

Computers Need A Break Too!

Your computer is working overtime! Please make sure you have scheduled a time to turn off your device. Many teachers have reported computers crashing in the middle of a zoom meeting or a call. We recommend that you restart your computer daily to ensure that it performs properly.