Deal with a missing, lost, or stolen device?

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Summary.png Instructions on what to do if you can't find your device.
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If you can't locate your device, immediately report it to us. It's much better to have us scramble to find it quickly -- and then remember it's at home -- than to give a thief time to exploit it.


Directly notify someone from the Tech Department -- by phone (x50) or in person. Please don't leave a message; actually talk with someone so you know we're working on it.

To report your device missing in a Support Ticket, Choose the ticket type, "Other Requests" > Laptop/Chromebook > Missing Device.

Locating your device

Apple Devices

Windows or Android Device

Using Google

  1. Open a browser, like Chrome Chrome. If you're using someone else's device, use private browsing mode.
  2. Open your Google Account.
  3. In the "Security" section, find "Your devices." Select Manage devices.
  4. Select the lost phone, tablet, or Chromebook. You'll see the last time the device was used, and the last city it was in.
  5. Next to "Account Access," select Sign out. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove access to your Google Account and connected apps on your device.​
  6. If you find your device, you can sign in to your Google Account again.
  7. If you're trying to find a lost phone or tablet, you can also select Find a lost device. Follow the onscreen directions for more ways to find or secure your device.