Chromebook Printing

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How to print using a Chromebook


Google Cloud Print

  • There's no shortage of myths and misconceptions regarding Google's Chrome OS. Most commonly found on a slew of Chromebooks, Chrome OS is more than a glorified browser. Under the hood, it offers file management, standalone apps, access to the Google Play Store and, yes, printing.
  • To get started you'll need to go through the Cloud Print process for the printer (or printers) you would like to access from your Chromebook. Having a cloud-enabled printer is going to make the process a lot easier, but it's still possible with a more traditional printer restricted to using a USB connection.

RCS-Copiers Print from the Chromebooks

  • To print to the RCS-Copiers, you MUST be signed into the RCS-Community wifi. If NOT the Chromebook will not see the RCS-Copiers printer.

For more info

  • Follow the setup instructions on Google's Cloud Print site, where you'll be walked through the process based on the brand and model of your printer.

Connecting A Printer to Cloud Print

After connecting a printer to Cloud Print, you're ready to print from your Chromebook. You can either select File > Print in the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + P to begin a print job.


A message like the one above will present itself. Click Change.


A popup will give you the option to select a Google Cloud Print printer, local printers, or alternative destinations. Select the printer you'd like to use.


With your printer selected, adjust settings to your liking then click Print. Finally, walk over to the printer with your cup of coffee in hand, pick up the physical manifestation of your once digital document and gaze in wonder at just how easy that was.