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[[File:Add Materials.png|thumbnail|400 px]]<br clear="all">
[[File:Add Materials.png|thumbnail|400 px]]<br clear="all">
#Click Add File/Link/External Tool
#Click Add File/Link/External Tool
[[File Link External.png|thumbnail|400 px]]<br clear="all">
[[File:File Link External.png|thumbnail|400 px]]<br clear="all">
#Insert Google docs as link
#Insert Google docs as link
[[File:GDocs as Link.png|thumbnail|400 px]]<br clear="all">
[[File:GDocs as Link.png|thumbnail|400 px]]<br clear="all">

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Summary.pngThis document illustrates the process of posting an Essay Cover Sheet to Schoology and the workflow for students to fill out the cover sheet and combine it with their essay.
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Process for teachers to post Essay Cover Sheet on Schoology Process A:

  1. Make A Copy of the Cover Sheet your students will use MS Essay Cover SheetUS Essay Cover Sheet
  2. Go to Schoology-Click “Add Materials”
    Add Materials.png

  3. Select “Add Assignment”
    Add Assignment.png

  4. Enter the assignment name, instructions, and due date
  5. Select Google Drive Assignments
    Select Google Drive Assignments2.png

  6. Select the copy you created of the cover sheet-Click Attach
    Copy you created of cover sheet.png

  7. Click Create

Student Workflow The student will type his/her essay directly in the Schoology Google Drive Assignment as a new page after the cover sheet. Or the student can copy paste the essay they have written into the Schoology Google Drive Assignment as a new page after the cover sheet.

Process for teachers to post Essay Cover Sheet on Schoology Process B:

  1. Teacher clicks “Add Materials” link on Schoology
Add Materials.png

  1. Click Add File/Link/External Tool
File Link External.png

  1. Insert Google docs as link
GDocs as Link.png

  1. Change the ending of the Google Doc link from /edit to /copy


Student workflow

  1. Student will click on Essay Cover Sheet link in Schoology

Click on link to Google Document and click Make a Copy

Make acopy.png

Fill in the Essay Cover Sheet

Click File-Download as-PDF

Download as PDF.png

Save your essay as a PDF

Combining your essay and cover sheet via Kami (Student)

Step 1: Open Kami

Step 2: Select Split & Merge

Split and Merge 2.png

Step 3: Select the Google Drive icon

Google Drive Icon2.png

Step 4: Select Authorize Google Drive

  • You should only have to do this step for your first Split & Merge
Authorize Kami.png

Step 5: Students will select the essay and cover sheet

Select Essay2.png

Select Cover Sheet 2.png

Step 6: Click Next

Click Next.png

Step 7: Organize the files, delete pages you don’t want. Click export pdf when complete.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.12.52 PM.png

Step 8: Select the Google Drive icon to save the pdf to your drive

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.14.21 PM.png