Add a Riverdale calendar (of any type -- event, room, or resource) to my own calendar

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Add any visible Google Calendar to your own list of calendars

To add a calendar to your own google calendar page, click its Googleicon.png button at lower right.

Find Room/Resource calendars and School calendars, and add these to your Google Calendar

  1. Go to the left hand column of your Google calendar:
    1. Navigate to "other calendars"
    2. Interesting cal.png
      Select "interesting calendars" from the drop-down menu
  2. At the top of the page that opens, select the tab that says "More"
    1. More resources.png
      Select "resources for".
    2. Hill river.png
      Select resources for either "Hill" or "River" campuses
  3. From the resulting list, choose the calendar you wish to view.
  4. Subscribe.png
    Click "Subscribe"
  5. Back to cal.png
    Finally, return to the main calendar by clicking "back to calendar" at the top of the page
See subscribed.png

The resource calendar you subscribed to will now appear in the sidebar of your own calendar under "Other calendars"

Reserve a Room

Via a calendar event

  1. Login to your RCS Google Calendar at
  2. Create a new event by either clicking and dragging in the calendar or by clicking the large, red Create Event button on the left side of the calendar screen
    1. Google Calendar Edit event.jpg
      If you choose to create an event by clicking and dragging, click on Event Details to go to the screen where you can reserve a room.
  3. Google Calendar Time range.jpg
    In the Create Event screen, check the time range on your event - if you have a 50 minute period, you may have to manually type your period's end time in the end time box.
    1. Check the repeating status of your event. If this event will be happening weekly, daily or biweekly, take advantage of the Repeat check box.
  4. Google Calendar Select rooms.jpg
    Once you are sure your dates and times are correct, you can begin adding a room to your event. To do this, Click on the Rooms link on the right side of the Create Event page.
  5. To search for your room, you may either click on the campus you need and scroll through the available rooms, or you may use the search bar to search for the name of the room.
    1. Google Calendar type room name to search.jpg
      NOTE: Please note the Show only available check box - if this box is checked, your list will only display available rooms. If you wish to see all rooms, even if they are not available, uncheck this box.
  6. Google Calendar rooms click to add.jpg
    Once you find the Room you want to book and it is available, click the Add link next to the Room name to add it to your event. Doing this should fill in the location field to your event as well.

The Room I'm Looking For Doesn't Show Up!

Google Calendar Show Availble Rooms.jpg

It's possible you have the Show only available check box checked. Uncheck the checkbox to see all rooms, even if they are not available.

The Room I Need is Busy - Who's Using it? When Will it be Free?

Google Calendar Rooms find a time.jpg

You can see the status of your room, as well as who has booked it by Adding the room to your event and then clicking the Find a Time Tab.

Via Room Wizards

Room Wizard reservations are available for reserving a free room immediately. See our Room Wizard instructions page to reserve a room with a room wizard.

Room Wizards connect with the room's reservation calendar... which means that your events in a room will automatically show up on the Room Wizard! Wowie!

Instructions for specific calendars

Hill MS Testing and US Major Student Deadlines

The Testing and Major Student Deadlines Calendars are our list of all major assessments for Hill students. We use them to help balance our students' major commitments.

Using the Testing and Major Student Deadlines Calendars

  • To add a test to the calendar:
    • Click the appropriate date to create an event
    • Type a description (please lead with the grade level, and include your name)
    • Make sure you are editing an event in the US_testing Calendar
    • Click "Edit Event."
    • Select the appropriate color for your test and make sure that the "All Day" box is checked.
    • Finally, please SAVE your test.

Hill Visitors Calendar

When a visitor is coming to the Hill campus, you must alert our Security team by creating a calendar event for the visit.

  • Create an event for the date/time of the visit.
  • Add as a guest.

Hill Writing Center Appointments Calendar

This calendar allows you to book an appointment in the Writing Center.

How to find the Hill Writing Center Appointments Calendar

You can use the Riverdale Calendars link in or in our HowDoI wiki calendar page.

Using the Hill Writing Center Appointments Calendar

How to Book an Appointment in the Writing Center:

  1. Click the appropriate “WC/teacher name” date and time to book an appointment
  2. Verify the time and date is available exactly what you want
  3. Your name will appear next to “WC/teacher name: _______.
  4. Click SAVE if this is the time you want. If it’s not the time you want or if there is already a student’s name next to WC/teacher name:, select another time.

What do I do next

Your appointment will go onto your google calendar as well as onto the Writing Center calendar, and you will get a reminder if you have your calendar set up to send you reminders.

  • How to set up reminders on your calendar
    • Go to "settings" on the left under "my calendars" in the main view.
    • Click on the "notifications" link. Select your preference in the drop down menus in "Event Reminders".

Oops, something came up

Life happens and you need to cancel an appointment you have made

  • Go to your own google calendar and cancel the appointment and please notify the person you made the appointment with.

How to change my calendar view

Use the “Day” view or the “Week” view (top right of calendar) depending on how much detail you want to see.

To change your default view

  1. Click the gear icon at the top of any Google Calendar page
  2. Click Settings
  3. In the Default view section, select an option from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Save

Thanks, and let me know if you’re having any difficulty!

Carin McLain

I don't have access to the a calendar that I need

Access to many of our calendars is based on your membership in the Middle and Upper School Faculty Google Groups. If you cannot see the correct calendar(s), you need to join the correct groups.

You can obtain membership as follows: First, do either or both of these:

  1. Go here for our Upper School Google Group.
  2. Go here for our Middle School Google Group.
  • If you see You must be a member of this group to view and participate in it, click Apply for membership and follow the prompts to apply for membership.
  • If you see listed topics and a search bar, you are already a member of the group and something else is preventing you from seeing your calendar, so submit a tech support request.
  • If, after 24 hours, you still cannot see these calendars, please follow up with us via your Tech Support Request.

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